The trend of global warming... A penguin named Maru has fled from his broken homeland,
by cling to a small piece of ice. He drifted to a tropical island and rests himself in a small fridge.
One day he finally conquers his fear and get ready to another adventure...
Birthday 2007 May 20
Favorite Stuff Anything related to ice (fridge, ice cream, etc.)
Lucky Charm Scarf
Characteristics Curious, hardworking, love to think, natural born dreamer.
Personality Proactivity, enthusiastic to learn new things, like to help others, always bring positive energy to others, full of creative and loves freedom.
Ququ Bird
Maru's best friend!
Favorite Stuff All kinds of insects.
Characteristics Observant, attentive, intelligent and independent.
Personality Caring about everything in the world, often to find some new things and love to share with others.
Special Power Feathers will change color with the mood.