Join the adventure of Maru, and know more about the Eco-friendly essence in Bone spirit!
Maru's Adventure
Maru is a traveler and a gourmet lover. Today, he traveled to the beautiful island of Taiwan. There are so many unimaginable local delicacy that Maru can enjoy here and Maru was looking forward to this feast. Unfortunately, Taiwan has been contaminated by unseen pollutions, if the pollution is not dealt with, all of the food in Taiwan will be polluted and Maru will not be able to enjoy them. Maru decided that he must find out the source of these pollutions and put an end to it! He started his expedition from the north travelling down south in search of the source of the pollutions. So begin his clean food adventure!
Maru Comics
Maru Comics includes wide selection of stickers, balloons and layouts that enable users to edit their own comic strip under easy operation. Users can also add special effect on the original photo by using filters or change the size of text, then share their own work on Facebook or Twitter.
Maru Jump
Tilting your device to control Maru's jumping direction. Provide wide selection of props and secret creatures, which adds more unexpected fun while playing. Smooth, precise controls! Adorable graphics! Catchy music!
Maru Penguin
The global warming has put the Maru Penguin at steak and he has faced the risk of food shortage. With moving his finger the player can aid the penguin to conquer all the obstacles during journey.